Alix Arthur

Olympic Village

I am an artist, athlete and mother. I have been in the hair industry since January 2012 and am passionate about what I do. It is fun, creative and consistently challenges me to learn and enhance my expertise. I am motivated by the wonderful relationships I have made and by the simple fact that I get to brighten someone's day.

I love love love getting that flawless colour, whether it's the perfect beige blonde balayaged into the ends or a rich warm chestnut, typically only seen in children. I put hair health first, giving you realistic expectations over a complimentary consultation. With naturally curly hair myself, I have become a textured hair specialist creating the right cut for you that falls effortlessly.

I believe that life is short, so as Emerson said, "Swim in the sea, live in the sunshine, drink the wild air." When all else fails, go get your hair done. And buy the shoes.

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Connie Gallo - Existing Clients Only

Olympic Village

Connie has been a stylist in Vancouver for 30 years!
Born and raised in Vancouver she 'gets' what West Coast style is and knows how to manage hair in our wet coast climate.
Over the years Connie has travelled to broaden her skill both as a hairstylist and colour technician. The list of courses is long and includes  Oribe, Bumble and Bumble, Aveda and Sassoons. 'Never stop Learning' is a verse she  she lives by!
She is also the recipient of a NAHA - North American Hairdresser Award, and has had her work published in numerous trade
Giving back is something she feels is essential for growth both personally and professionally. Teaching is how Connie gives back to the community. She has spent many years instructing new stylists how to hone their craft and had ventured into the fitness industry as well to keep balance.
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